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Radio Kuku is the first private capital based radio station in Estonia. First broadcasts went on the air in February 1992 and since 1 March 1992 we have been on the air all the time.

More than 20 years ago the situation in Estonian media was drastically different from what it is today. Current editorial premises of Kuku Radio at Veerenni street near Ülemiste Lake are so much distinct from the very first editorial rooms in the cellar of Linnahall (City Concert Hall and Ice Arena) and then the editing premises at Kadriorg. Passage of time and technical progress has worked in favour of Kuku Radio. Our technical base has improved and our staff has renewed.

Presenters and editors of Kuku Radio involve many splendid personas such as – Harri Tiido, Tiit Karuks, Ivo Linna, Tõnis Mägi, Gunnar Graps, Hannes Võrno, Mart Pukk, Rein Lang, Eiki Nestor, Henn Sarv, Jüri and Kiur Aarma and many others.

The list of bright people working for Kuku Radio remains awing and probably more versatile than ever, and better than in any of other Estonian radio stations. The following people have their own broadcast in Kuku Radio: Jüri Kuuskemaa, Hubert Veldermann, Tõnis Erilaid, Tõnis Mägi, Jüri Aarma, Rasmus Kagge, Erki Berends, Ainar Ruussaar, Rein Kilk, Jaan Martinson, Peep Pahv, Tarmo Paju, Henrik Roonemaa, Kadri Liik, Raivo Järvi, Hardo Aasmäe, Kärt Anvelt, Margus Kiiver, Meelis Atonen, Jüri Muttika, Madis Ligi, Lauri Saatpalu and many others.

We are glad to provide valuable starting point for rising stars in Estonian journalism: Robert Rool, Rein Pärn, Lauri Kool, who develop under the guidance of experienced radio journalists Liis Laidmaa, Kristi Kool, Siiri Mihkelson, Mart Pukk, Rohke Debelakk, Madis Ligi, Sten Murumaa and editor in chief Hindrek Riikoja. Many people with different approaches, many different topics to discuss.

Kuku radio has remained trustful source of information for people, who consider radio to be more than just background music player. "Radio for a thinking people" has been the slogan of Kuku Radio for years. It is particularly the talk shows, problem casts and substantial news programme that distinguish Kuku from other radio stations. Kuku Radio basically performs the tasks of public broadcasting, which is very rare among commercial radio stations in Estonia and worldwide. Still, Kuku Radio has successfully performed the obligations it has undertaken.

It is interesting to listen to Kuku Radio, because it communicates with its audience and it always has something to say. Kuku is active, it thinks and acts. Thus there is nothing strange in the fact that most of its audience lives in the cities. Kuku is the most popular commercial radio station both in Tallinn and in Tartu.